The town of Smithville is located in West Lincoln township to the southeast of Hamilton. Smithville’s population is about 5500, and the town is surrounded by mostly agricultural land.

Smithville holds all the necessary local conveniences, while being in close proximity to Hamilton as well. Local businesses include several real estate, doctor, and financial adviser offices, a fitness center, shopping establishments, grocery and hardware stores, the Smithville Branch of the West Lincoln Public Library, various restaurants, and the village square mall. Smithville has six schools, including four elementary and two secondary schools.

Nearby Communities include Grimsby, Beamsville, Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Caistorville, Welland, and St. Catharines. Some of the amenities and services you will find in Smithville include:

  • College Street Elementary School
  • St. Martin's Elementary School
  • John Calvin Elementary School
  • Covenant Christian Elementary School
  • South Lincoln High School
  • Smithville Christian High School
  • Smithville Conservation Area
  • Smithville Fairgrounds
  • Murgatroyd Parkette
  • West Lincoln Public Library
  • Smithville Sports Complex
  • Alma Acres Park
  • Rock Street Park
  • Hank MacDonald Park
  • Various Churches
  • Smithville Community Centre
  • West Lincoln Arena

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Major Streets in Smithville include:

  • Highway 20 / West Street
  • St. Catharines Street
  • Riverside Circle
  • Wade Road
  • Mill Street
  • Dove Lane
  • Skyway Road
  • Station Street
  • Thirty Road
  • Industrial Park Road
  • Clifford Street
  • Forest Avenue
  • Autumn Circle
  • Swayze Court
  • Hornak Road
  • Brock Street
  • Morgan Avenue
  • Colver Street
  • Killins Avenue
  • Spring Creek Road
  • Barbara Street
  • Oakdale Boulevard
  • Smithville Road
  • Golden Acres Drive
  • Tober Road
  • S Grimsby Road Six
  • S Grimsby Road Five
  • London Road
  • S Grimsby Road Three
  • Young Street
  • Townline Road
  • Port Davidson Road
  • Shurie Road
  • Alma Drive
  • Thompson Road